Recipe: Mung bean sorbet

Home Cooking Recipe: Mung bean sorbet



  1. Soaked mung bean for one night, I usually soak for half a day, steam at night, pressure cooker pressure for about 50 minutes

  2. Steamed mung beans are first crushed with a spoon, then milk is added to the mung bean puree with a cooking machine.

  3. Put the butter in the non-stick pan and stir-fry the mung bean paste. Stir-fry until a little dry. Add the sugar and maltose, then continue to stir fry until the mung bean paste can be agglomerated.

  4. Stir-fried mung bean paste to cool off, remember to let cool, or demoulding is not beautiful. If all cool, you can press it~


Steamed mung beans should drain the water, do not bring water to steam, my recipe is based on some recipes, milk is added to the mud, then the milk needs to control itself, if you add more, then stir fry It may take a little longer to fire. The amount of sugar is controlled according to your own preferences. If you like butter, you should put a little less. If you want to put 90g of mung bean in the original side, I have already reduced it by 90g. I have already made it to the extent that I want it.

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