Recipe: Mung bean glutinous rice porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Mung bean glutinous rice porridge


Although it is past Liqiu, but now it is still in the "frustration", the hot weather is not necessary to elaborate, but fortunately after the solar terms, it will be cool in 20 days. This difficult summer is finally a bit of a look! Cooling mung bean glutinous rice porridge, addictive cool summer!



  1. Mung beans and glutinous rice are washed clean and soaked in two hours in advance, so that it will cook better when cooked.

  2. The rice is washed and cleaned, and it is also half an hour in advance.

  3. Put the water in the pot, put in the soaked mung beans and glutinous rice, boil over the fire, then change to a small fire and slowly simmer

  4. When you cook the mung bean, put it in rice and slowly porridge (small fire)

  5. If the porridge is good, if you like to eat sweet, you can add the right amount of rock sugar, put it in the refrigerator after cooling at room temperature.

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