Recipe: Mulberry jam

Home Cooking Recipe: Mulberry jam



  1. The mulberry is rinsed clean, then the stalk is gone, no matter what, I can get rid of a part, and it is too troublesome to save.

  2. Mulberry and white sugar are stirred evenly and allowed to stand for more than one hour.

  3. After standing, the mulberry is poured into a stainless steel pot and try to use a stainless steel pot. Must be poured together with the liquid (mulberry juice)

  4. Put the pot on the stove and let the fire boil

  5. Turn a small fire, pour the lemon juice, I bought the lemon juice, but still feel that buying lemons is better.

  6. Stir it, slowly cook over low heat

  7. When the juice is slowly getting less, add maltose

  8. Continue to heat and then stir from time to time. Never stick to the pot

  9. When the juice is getting less and less, keep stirring until the juice is dried.


1, the best use of stainless steel pots to make jam 2, mulberry rinse can be done, do not rub your hands. 3. Always keep stirring when collecting juice. 4, the jam needs to be sealed and stored in cold storage

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