Recipe: 100% mulberry fruit European bread

Home Cooking Recipe: 100% mulberry fruit European bread


Mulberry, this is a juicy and juicy fruit, full of color and strong, short and short maturity, like a fleeting youth, beautiful and too late to control, it is a flower, so she is a sexy fruit Not too much. This 100% mulberry fruit European bread, without a little sugar, but the sweetness of mulberry makes up for everything. The gongs and drums of the pipa, but brought surprises, the moment of biting in the mouth, in the purple red turbid sweetness, the aroma of wheat rushed out, oh, is the fatal temptation to escape this luscious taste.



  1. Mulberry hits the mud, adds the yeast and mixes well, then adds all the rest of the material, the machine kneads 30 minutes

  2. Fermented to 2 times larger

  3. Split into two pieces of dough, vent, relax for 10 minutes

  4. Shaping and growing, put the wet place for 2 times of fermentation. When the volume is 2 times larger, draw a few knives into the oven. 190 degrees up and down fire for 30 minutes

  5. Time is up, cool off

  6. Sexy mulberry bread, the taste is also awesome


Mulberry contains glucose, fruit acid, citric acid and vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Not only the color is bright, the taste is sweet, but also "nourishing the liver and kidney, filling the blood, stopping the thirst, going to the rheumatism, and calming the soul." Mulberry contains a rich amount of active protein, which can significantly improve the body's immunity, and has the effect of delaying aging, beauty and beauty.

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