Recipe: Mulberry enzyme flesh popsicle

Home Cooking Recipe: Mulberry enzyme flesh popsicle


After the mulberry enzyme juice is finished, how is the pulp processed? It is better to use flesh like mulberry without peeling and nucleating. You can mix it in vegetable salad. If you suspect that this method is too slow, then make a popsicle and it will be easy to eat.



  1. Dissolve the lotus root powder with a spoonful of warm water, then rinse into boiling water, stir quickly, and paste the paste into a transparent shape.

  2. Pour the mulberry pulp into the blender, add a cup of cold boiled water, beat into a pulp, then pour into the cool mash and honey, and continue to mix. Honey can put more, because the sweetness will be much lower after freezing into popsicles.

  3. Put the beaten pulp into the mold and put it into the refrigerator for freezing. Take out the mold when eating, and release it at room temperature for a few minutes.

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