Recipe: Moon meal: squid loofah soup (promoting milk secretion)

Home Cooking Recipe: Moon meal: squid loofah soup (promoting milk secretion)


The loofah has the effect of passing through the meridians and blood circulation; the carp has the effect of warming the qi; the soup is matched with the two substances, which has the effect of supplementing the vital energy, producing blood and passing milk, and is most suitable for new mothers with less postpartum milk or poor lactation. The milk is secreted smoothly, and the baby's feeding will also reduce a lot of trouble. After the squid is washed, it can be removed in the milk for a while to remove the scent and increase the umami taste. Moon wine can be bought here:



  1. The squid goes to scales, goes to the sputum, goes to the internal organs, and washes it for later use.

  2. The loofah is peeled, washed, cut into 4 cm long strips, and used.

  3. Put the oil into the hot pot and add the appropriate amount of ginger to remove the ginger. Put the squid into the pot and fry for a while. Add the loofah, add the lunar wine, sugar, and shallots, add the water, and boil.

  4. After simmering for 10 minutes on a small fire, pick up the onion and ginger slices and season with salt.

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