Recipe: Mixed sauce handmade pig sausage powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Mixed sauce handmade pig sausage powder


This is a hand-made Cantonese-style delicious classic, and it is also a traditional snack that is popular in several pedestrian streets in Guangzhou. It is a simple and delicious nutritious breakfast to make the powdered pork into a pig's intestines and cut into pieces, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and mix them with several sauces.



  1. Mix all the powders with water to make the intestinal powder slurry, let stand for one night, and mix the water with the powder.

  2. Hot pan, after the pot is hot, brush the oil on the pan and pour a spoonful of the slurry (the powder must be stirred once every time the slurry is taken, because the powder in the slurry precipitates quickly), please pay attention to the powder. The amount of pulp is just thin and flat. When the slurry is poured, shake the pan quickly, let the slurry evenly spread on the pan, fry with medium heat, cover and wait for about 20 seconds until the slurry is formed. Translucent powder, prepare a large and flat dish, pour the powder on the plate quickly, pay attention to the movements, try not to pour the powder into a ball, a powder is ready

  3. Along the side of the powder, roll it up by hand, pay attention to the pressure when the roll is pressed, do not leave too much space in the middle, a pig intestine powder is so rolled up

  4. Then repeat the above steps until the rice slurry is used up.

  5. The rolled pork sausage powder is cut into pieces for use.

  6. Slightly sauté the white sesame seeds in a pot and sprinkle them on the pig's intestines.

  7. Mix the peanut butter and sesame sauce, then add the appropriate amount of sesame oil (please use hot water instead of sesame oil for weight loss), stir it into a smooth creamy shape, and then mix it with the seafood sauce and the spicy sauce.


1. The ratio of sticky rice flour to tapioca flour is 4 to 3; the ratio of powder to water is about 1 to 1.4. In actual operation, you can put a little less water according to the situation, because the pig intestine powder is thicker than the intestine powder, not so slippery. For example: 2 cups of sticky rice flour + 1.5 cups of tapioca powder = 3.5 cups of powder, 1.4 times of 3.5 is 4.9 cups of water. The role of tapioca powder in this is to prevent the cracking of the powder, it must be put, no raw powder can be used instead, but the effect is absolutely not comparable to the tapioca powder; the container can be any utensil, or the cup or the bowl is no problem, as long as the ratio is right . If you use the amount of the cup at the beginning, continue to use the amount of the cup. Use the same cup to measure the amount of water. You don't have to worry about how many grams in the cup. Lazy people don't have to find something to change the capacity into weight. This is easy to make mistakes. . If the weight is used in the beginning, it will always be calculated by weight. Don't change it into capacity in the middle. For example, 200 grams of sticky rice flour, 150 grams of tapioca powder, and 490 grams of water. Regardless of capacity or weight, as long as the proportional pair is OK, there is no need to be 100% accurate. The powder must be soaked in water for a few hours to allow the rice or powder to mix well with the water, so that the powder can be crystal clear. 2. If you are afraid of hand-rolled sausage powder, you can prepare two large and flat dishes. After the first powder is ready, do not roll. Wait for the second powder to do the third powder, waiting for the third. When the powder is formed, the first powder is hand-rolled, and so on. When waiting for the fourth skin to be formed, the second powder is hand-rolled. In other words, when each powder is made very hot, we don't roll it right away. After the next one comes out, the powder before the hand is rolled, so that it can prevent hot hands. 3. After the vegetarian pig's intestines are prepared, add the sauce or the sirloin sauce. Add the soy sauce or the sautéed sirloin sauce. You can also cook, fry, and fry.

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