Recipe: Mixed-eared broccoli

Home Cooking Recipe: Mixed-eared broccoli


In the past few days of the Spring Festival, it’s really uncomfortable to eat big fish and big meat. If you don’t say that people are not carnivores, you don’t want to eat the meat these two days, you want to eat some vegetables. Today, let's get a light simmered dish to get rid of greasy.



  1. Broccoli soaked in light salt water for 10-20 minutes, washed and cut into small pieces

  2. The fungus is soaked and picked into small flowers.

  3. Carrot slice

  4. The wok is boiled in water, boiled into the broccoli and boiled for 1 minute to remove the cold water, then put in the fungus for 1 minute to remove the cold water, and finally put the carrot slices and boil for 30 seconds to remove the cold water, the broccoli and the fungus. , carrot slices drained, put into the basin

  5. Cut the garlic into garlic and place it on the dish. Add salt.

  6. Put the oil in the wok, add the peppercorns in the cold oil, heat the fire on a small fire, remove the peppercorns after the pepper flavor, do not add the red pepper to the incense, turn off the heat, heat it on the garlic, mix well.

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