Recipe: Mix with vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Mix with vegetables


The summer izakaya is the favorite, you can do a big pot of yourself, you can eat all day, with wine.



  1. The vegetables are washed with water, the broccoli is cut into small flowers, the asparagus is cut into sections, and the lotus roots are peeled and cut into thin slices.

  2. Add some salt to the boiling water, first boil the green vegetables, broccoli and okra cook for a little longer, about 2, 3 minutes, then cook the asparagus, the water can be rolled up. Then add white vinegar, then smash the slices, and the water will roll and fish. The boiled vegetables are washed with cold water.

  3. The remaining seasonings are mixed into a zephyr sauce. After the vegetables are drained, add half the amount and mix with the wind sauce. Add the remaining sauce and mix well before serving.

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