Recipe: Miso rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Miso rice


A simple bowl of miso rice, but rich in flavor, rich in sauce, in this cool early autumn, warm stomach, meditation.



  1. The miso is soaked in warm water, and the miso cannot be boiled in boiling water. Otherwise, the taste of the miso will be bad and the nutritional value will be lost.

  2. Put the water in the pot and boil it and turn it to a small fire, then put it into the overnight rice and gently smear it with a spoon or shovel.

  3. Cook until the rice is not agglomerated, turn off the heat, add the soaked miso, stir gently, and mix the rice and miso.

  4. After mixing evenly, it can be served. Pour two spoonfuls of yam-flavored pine on the rice and serve.


Both red and white miso

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