Recipe: Minimalist Spinach Scrambled Eggs [Three Minutes Fast Food

Home Cooking Recipe: Minimalist Spinach Scrambled Eggs [Three Minutes Fast Food


This is a home-cooked dish, but it is nutritious and quick to eat.



  1. Wash the spinach and cut a knife in the middle; burn a pot of boiling water, throw the spinach into it and go to the oxalic acid.

  2. Mix the two eggs with the air in the air.

  3. After the spinach has become green, it is fished out and the water is drained. It will take about a few tens of seconds.

  4. Pour the oil in the pan, pour the eggs into the medium heat, and use chopsticks to spread; when the eggs begin to form but there is still some liquid, the spinach is put in when tender. [I like to eat the taste of eggs wrapped in spinach ( ̄ ̄ ̄)] If you like to eat eggs and spinach separately, then fry the eggs for a while, and then the eggs are formed into pieces, and then put the spinach.

  5. As the spinach is drowned, it is already cooked; just stir the spinach and egg evenly.

  6. Almost, spread the salt out of the pot! !

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