Recipe: Minced meat with mushrooms and tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Minced meat with mushrooms and tofu



  1. Cut the tofu into 1.5 cm square pieces, cut the mushrooms into the size of the tofu, and celery. Use 1 tsp of raw meat and 1⁄3 tsp of raw meat and mix well.

  2. Heat into the hot pot, add 60% heat, pour the minced meat into the pine, add the mushroom and stir well, pour the tofu, shake the pot, add soy sauce and salt, then add 100ML water, boil after the fire, close the small Cook for five minutes, simmer in the pot and sprinkle with celery.


1. When Fang Tai introduced this dish, there were actually a lot of condiments. There were oyster sauce, sesame oil, pepper, etc. I don’t think it is necessary. The effect of soy sauce and mushroom is very good. Add too much seasoning and the taste is too mixed. Like a friend, you can refer to Fang Tai's seasonings to choose what you need. 2, which kind of tofu, in fact, the problem is not big, nothing more than the difference in taste. Northern tofu, tougher; southern water tofu, smooth and tender. I have used it, my family likes it. 3, mushrooms are recommended to use mushrooms and grass mushrooms. Other mushrooms are not suitable. 4, the tofu block is relatively small, after pouring, it is not recommended to use a spatula to stir fry, tofu is easy to rotten, you can lightly shake the pot. 5, I used the end of celery instead of onion. Friends can choose according to their own needs. 6. It is recommended that you eat a few spoonfuls of rice and mix with rice. That taste, nothing to say, continue to add rice.

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