Recipe: Milky honey bean bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Milky honey bean bag


The sweet and fragrant red bean granules are hidden in the soft and soft skin of the milk. It’s very sweet to bite. It’s a good time to be able to make a person who loves sweetness happy.



  1. Mix all the powders with white cotton candy, mix the milk slightly, put it in the yeast and let it stand for 1 minute. Pour into the mixed powder and knead it into a smooth dough.

  2. The kneaded dough wakes up twice as much in a warm environment.

  3. Wake up the dough and open it again.

  4. Divide into equal amount of agent, use a rolling pin to form a thinner skin on both sides of the middle.

  5. Drag the four fingers of the left hand to the dough, add the right amount of honey red beans, and pinch it like a bag of buns.

  6. After all the packaging, use a chopstick to dip a little food coloring point in the middle of the surface of the bun. Put the steamed buns into the steamer that has been filled with enough water and the steamer cloth is placed in the steamer. The time is about 15~20 minutes.

  7. After the fermentation is completed, it can be steamed. After the steam is steamed, it can be steamed for 10 minutes.


1. Original honey bean stuffing is to be fried with butter, so the flavor is more heavy and tastes richer, but considering that many sister papers are the most low-fat, I used honey red beans directly, not care. You can add butter to this step. 2. When the dough is peeled, it should not be too thin. The skin with a thick skin will taste more soft and feel softer. 3. Don't use too much force when you are long, just gently. Don't be too long, there is a way to grow from a circle to a long one. 3. If you can't accept food coloring, you can use red bean curd instead of milk, or simply not. Pointing this means a happy, auspicious feeling. 4. In the last two minutes of steaming, you can uncover the lid of the lid and let the air inside and outside pass the buns to adjust the temperature difference to prevent them from collapsing. This step can be steamed and slowly removed. No need to take another five minutes to reveal.

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