Recipe: Milky butter cookies

Home Cooking Recipe: Milky butter cookies


Milky butter cookies, the entrance is sweet and fragrant, beautiful patterns, send loved ones, friends have a bottle of face. It's simple and easy to make, as long as there is a common toothed flower mouth in a flower bag, put on the biscuit paste, squeeze it hard, twist it into a favorite pattern and screw it up! Put it in a sealed container and add some physical strength when you are tired! Oh, one of the favorites.



  1. After the butter is softened at room temperature, pour in powdered sugar, fine sugar, milk powder, salt, and mix well.

  2. Stir the mixture with an electric egg beater and send the butter to a volume that is slightly bulky.

  3. Add the milk solution two or three times, and beat it evenly with the egg beater. Each time it must be completely fused and added again, without separation. The butter is a light, bulky texture.

  4. Sift the low-gluten flour into the butter paste and mix the flour and butter paste with a squeegee to make a uniform cookie batter.

  5. The batter is placed in a flower bag, and the desired pattern is extruded on a pad of tin foil or oil-paper.

  6. Put the squeezed cookies into the preheated oven, bake at 190 degrees _200 degrees for about 10 minutes (middle and upper layers), and the surface will be golden yellow. Sealed and stored after cooling.


1 The cookie is crispy and the butter is sent. 2 When baking, keep it on the edge of the oven to prevent it from being roasted. 3 It is best to choose a larger garland, easy to squeeze out the batter, I use a 10-tooth chrysanthemum-shaped garland. 4 You can add a vanilla pod to the batter and it will taste better.

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