Recipe: Milk white squid soup (only onion, ginger, white pepper)

Home Cooking Recipe: Milk white squid soup (only onion, ginger, white pepper)


A soup that I especially like to drink, fresh and thick, but also very simple and cheap



  1. First, a large pot of water is burned (for the fish to be fried, pour it into the soup)

  2. A large onion is cut into long pieces, and the flat is cut and cut into four pieces of ginger.

  3. The squid washes and wipes the skin of the epidermis. (The fish I bought at Wal-Mart, kill it now, and can help to scale, go to the viscera, buy it back and wash it, for the new housewife who won’t kill the fish. Absolutely the gospel, the key is only a few dollars! The cost of a pot of soup is only a few dollars)

  4. Pour the oil in the pot, add half of the onion after a small heat, fry for a few seconds.

  5. Slip into the fish and slowly fry (follow one side and then turn over, do not turn in the middle to avoid loose meat)

  6. After the two sides are fried, basically the onion leaves are also burnt. Chop them out with chopsticks, throw them into the first step, add the ginger and the remaining green onions, and cook over the whole fire. I don't like to cover. Because I feel that I will get rid of my suffocation, so the water level of the soup is quite bad, but it is also very strong.)

  7. About forty minutes, the soup is already very strong. Put some white pepper before turning off the fire (put the salt and put it at this time, but it must be less).

  8. Enjoy it!


When you wash the fish, look at the black film in the abdomen. Remember to completely tear it off, otherwise the fish will be very suffocating, and the other fish will be the same. Use fresh fish, so that the soup will be fresh and not suffocating, and the fish has no astringency and is sweet. Dry the fish before frying, and the fish skin will not stick to the pan when it is not fried. Be sure to have a big fire when you cook, or you can't cook it in white.

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