Recipe: Milk toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Milk toast


Husband and son like to eat toast, today is to make milk toast



  1. Put the ingredients other than butter into the bread machine and stir them into a dough. Add the butter and continue to stir until smooth.

  2. Place the plastic wrap on the inner lid of the container and put it in a warm place to basically ferment twice as much.

  3. Evenly divide into 3 doughs and roll them round. Cover with plastic wrap for 15 minutes

  4. 擀 into an oval shape, stack three folds, then grow up strips, roll up

  5. Place the toast cover on the inner cover of the mold and place it in a warm place, and ferment it to 8 minutes.

  6. 180 degree 35-40 minutes lower layer baking


The toast's dough should be softer so that the toast is softer and not hard for two days.

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