Recipe: Milk pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Milk pudding


In order to eliminate the whipped cream left in the Hokkaido toast, it was too much trouble to find a lot of whipped cream on the Internet. I simply made this pudding according to the prescription on the gelatin powder, which was very successful.



  1. Pour the gelatin powder into 20 ml of cold water to dissolve.

  2. Put the milk, whipped cream and fine sugar into the pot, stir well and heat to dissolve.

  3. After the flameout, the gelatin solution of step 1 is added together and stirred to dissolve. The filter was filtered using a strainer and poured into a container cup.

  4. Soak the outside of the container cup with ice water, let it cool down quickly, and then put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration.


The original recipe also includes 2 to 3 grams of vanilla powder. It is not served at home, and the milk is full of flavor and very delicious. This recipe can be used to make 3 bottles of this commonly used pudding bottle.

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