Recipe: Middle Eastern popular bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Middle Eastern popular bean paste


My pirated Hummus The first time I knew about hummus, I saw a vegetarian recipe brought by a friend from the United States. Later, a local Turkish restaurant was also opened and they also offered the dish. Authentic hummus is made with hummus, sesame, lemon juice, garlic, etc. Unfortunately, chickpeas are not very popular in China. I bought Xinjiang, and it is not very good to cook it. I want to eat now, I can only buy and buy imported beans occasionally. The sesame sauce is called tahini, which is different from that of China. They seem to have gone to the skin, and they are finely ground. The homemade sesame sauce is so bitter. Although lemon is often used in Western food, Chinese food is rarely used, but I have forgotten to buy it. So, except for garlic, it seems that I don't have the original material on hand. Regardless of it, why don't I promote my mixed spirit to a cottage version? The result, surprisingly, is delicious! ^_^



  1. Pour all the ingredients into the food processor and mix them into a paste. Can be used with pocket bread, raw cut cucumbers, carrots, celery, steamed broccoli, cauliflower is also good. I just ate a whole broccoli like this. ^_^

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