Recipe: Microwave milk tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Microwave milk tea


Rice has a photo, borrowing the photo of the cup of caramelized milk tea



  1. Choose a cup that can be used in a microwave oven, pour milk, add water, how much does it look like milk?

  2. Put in a black tea bag (I use Lipton black tea)

  3. Put it in the microwave, microwave for 1-2 minutes, then microwave for a few minutes, then take the black tea and shake it in the water.

  4. Like to drink sweet can add sugar


1. I don't know if it is original. Is anyone lazy like me? 2, in fact, it is too lazy, use the pot to burn milk tea and brush the pot, and the pot will be black and dark after cooking, this method saves time and effort, haha 3, do not microwave for too long, because the milk tea will overflow after boiling, make all the microwave oven, this is the experience.

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