Recipe: Microwave ginkgo

Home Cooking Recipe: Microwave ginkgo


The last time someone left a message asking me how to eat the most convenient. Before that, I always thought that everyone knew that using microwave ovens, It seems that it is still necessary to write a letter now. The most convenient and convenient way to eat ginkgo is to use a microwave oven. It is cooked at lightning speed. Of course, you can also cook soup, just remember that the amount must be controlled.



  1. Take an envelope (preferably kraft paper) and put ten pieces of ginkgo

  2. The envelope is folded twice to prevent the heat from spreading.

  3. Envelopes are evenly placed in the microwave

  4. High fire 40 seconds OK. Pour out the nuts and peel them off and you can eat them.


1. My home's microwave power is 750W, and ten ginkgo high fires are enough for 40 seconds. In the second half, I heard the small explosion of ginkgo in the microwave oven. The specific time is adjusted according to the power of the microwave oven and the number of ginkgo. 2. The surface of the ginkgo is still relatively clean, so it is heated directly in the envelope without washing. When the envelope is placed in the microwave, be careful to shake it and let the ginkgo be placed in the envelope. 3. This way of eating, generally adults around 20 per day (Xiao Zhe I only let him eat at most 6 a day). Remember that ginkgo can't be eaten too much, remember.

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