Recipe: Microwave cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Microwave cake


Today, I will give you a very simple microwave cake. It only takes a minute to get the delicious food. Ideal for JMs who do not have an oven at home. And the practice is quite simple, just need to grasp the few notes of the bird tips and it is OK. Think about it, even if you do it in the morning, you can easily enjoy a delicious cake. The taste of this cake is still soft, a little bit of toughness, it is worth trying.



  1. Break the eggs into the bowl

  2. Add vegetable oil and mix well

  3. Add cake powder

  4. Mix well with batter

  5. Take a high-temperature paper cup or bowl, pour the batter into a cup or bowl, pour in one-half or three-fifths, then pour the appropriate amount of raisins

  6. Into the microwave oven for a minute or so


If you do not have a high temperature resistant paper cup, you can also use the bowl. The cake paste must be carefully mixed and mixed, and it should be a little patient. This kind of cake paste will swell higher, so the amount of pour should be mastered. The bird added 8 points for the first time, and the result overflowed a lot. I think one in two is fine, huh, huh! At most, it is six points full. Personally feel that if you make an effect, the container with a short thicker point is much better than a container with a high density. Because the birds also tried two height paper cups, the high level made the upper layer somewhat wet, even if it was heated for 2 minutes. But the shorter ones will be fixed in one minute or even 50 seconds. You can also add some other dried fruits to it, depending on your personal taste, such as cranberry, almond or something, huh, huh!

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