Recipe: Mexican-style buckwheat rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Mexican-style buckwheat rice


Quinoa has been popular in foreign countries in recent years, because many of the nuts can't eat gluten-free things, so ordinary pasta or bread can't be eaten. But the daily carbon water still needs to be replenished, so there is a variety of gluten-free food. Quinoa is probably the best substitute for rice and pasta. Gluten-free, high-protein cereals, and tastes much richer than rice. Dosage reference: 2 servings.



  1. Preparation: Wash the buckwheat as you normally would. Tomato, onion, chicken heart diced. Black beans (I use cans) are rinsed clean.

  2. Put the oil in the pan and heat it. Add the onion and chicken heart to the scent. Then add tomato, corn, black beans, stir fry several times and add buckwheat and water. All the ingredients are stir-fried and placed in cumin, chili powder, salt, black pepper and chicken essence. Cover the lid and simmer in the fire.

  3. At this time, you can cut the avocado and wash the parsley. Quinoa is much faster than rice, and it will be good in about 15 minutes. Be careful to dry the water but don't burn it.

  4. Try the taste after turning off the fire. If it is not enough, let's finish the final seasoning. Then add the coriander and avocado and mix well.


1. It is best to buy the whole grain, which is more flavorful than the cumin powder. 2. Mexican-style stuff comes standard with avocado, onion, corn, tomato, coriander, black beans, and then a lot of stunned. But this recipe is essentially a risotto, and everyone can freely use the materials. 3. A lot of parsley! ! 4. Black beans should be soft beforehand if they are not canned, because 15 minutes is definitely not soft.

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