Recipe: Mexican Chicken Roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Mexican Chicken Roll


Today, I will give you a simple exotic flavor - Mexican chicken rolls, because the supermarket has ready-made cakes to sell, making this food more easy, very delicious, very nutritious food!



  1. The chicken leg meat is cut with a knife from the middle, and then cut down with a knife until the chicken bone is peeled off.

  2. Cut chicken legs into strips

  3. Add the fried chicken to a small dish, add half an egg, salt and 1 teaspoon of flour to the small bowl and mix well. Wrap the chicken in a layer of egg and stick the fried chicken

  4. Find a small pot, heat the vegetable oil to 60%, put it into the chicken strip and change it to a small fire.

  5. Put the pancake in a boiling water pot for three or four minutes.

  6. During the steaming process, the tomatoes are cut into small strips, and the yellow peppers and onions are also cut into strips.

  7. Put the yellow pepper and onion in the boiling water of the steamed cake for about 10 seconds.

  8. Spread the pie on the chopping board, put the lettuce in drained water, and then put chicken, tomatoes, yellow peppers, onions on the lettuce, and spread some salad dressing with a spoon.

  9. Stack the lower third of the cake and roll the cake from one side to the other.


The fried chicken has already contained salt, and the egg liquid can be added a little. The firepower of fried chicken should not be too large, and small and medium fires can be used. Yellow pepper and onion can also be boiled without boiling water. This is for the sake of hygiene. It removes the taste of a little dish and is more suitable for our taste.

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