Recipe: Method for preserving egg yolk protein

Home Cooking Recipe: Method for preserving egg yolk protein


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  1. Preservation of egg yolk: Egg yolk cannot be frozen directly, otherwise it will become very hard and cannot be returned to a liquid state. The preservation method is: adding 20% ​​of the weight of the egg yolk to the egg yolk. For example, 30g egg yolk, add 6g sugar, sugar sugar can be, then the sugar and egg yolk are fully stirred evenly, sealed and frozen. In this way, the yolk after thawing can be restored to a liquid state, as before freezing. However, care should be taken in the production to reduce the amount of sugar in the formula.

  2. Preservation of proteins: The preservation of proteins is simple and can be directly sealed and frozen. The longest one has been tried for a month, and the egg white after thawing has a strong egg yolk taste, and it will be fine after baking.

  3. Consumption protein: macaron, protein biscuit, almond cake (Jenova), protein pancake, angel cake, double skin milk, Fernan snow, baked protein cream, cotton candy...

  4. Consumption of egg yolk: egg tarts, puddings, ice cream, margarita biscuits, salad dressing... In addition, there are some uncommon recipes. For example: milk toast, pound cake, pudding, muffin, sikang made only with protein... chocolate cake made with egg yolk, lemon sauce, sikang, etc.

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