Recipe: Meatloaf steamed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Meatloaf steamed egg


I think the steamed egg can be regarded as the simplest "big dish", the basic wood has technical content, and it is meat wow, meat wow ~! If you have a boy at home, you must love it very much. You can eat a lot of rice and the soup is delicious. If you only have one rice cooker, it is best for this type of steamed dish. I have been very fond of eating since I was a child. The steamed egg that my mother made is especially delicious~! #找的味道的味道#



  1. Pork chopped wine, soy sauce, a little MSG, stir well

  2. Put the savory pork in a bowl, dig a hole in the middle and hit an egg.

  3. Sprinkle a little shrimp

  4. Steaming on the pot

  5. After fifteen to twenty minutes, pan out, sprinkle with chopped green onion, open to eat


After steaming, there will be a lot of juice. If you are not afraid of greasy, you can pour this juice out of the bibimbap, super fragrant ~! Pork stuffing should be fat and even, if all are pure lean meat, it will dry wood and taste bad.

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