Recipe: Matsusaka pork salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Matsusaka pork salad


Practice James's five-star cuisine again~ Very exciting cold dishes~~ Rich taste and taste~~ Matsusaka pig is Taiwan's name for pork neck. ~~~ The program is baked with carbon, not at home. The condition is directly in the oven. You can also fry both sides and then bake it~~ or directly fry, cut it with a knife to see if it is cooked. This sauce is partial to Sichuan, and students who can't eat spicy should pay attention to the amount of pepper. When I tasted the sauce directly, it was really spicy, but after mixing it, it was much better~~



  1. The cabbage is cut into thin filaments and placed in ice water for ice storage.

  2. Send a small amount of salt to Matsusaka pig and bake it with charcoal until the surface is aroma. (I baked the oven for 200 minutes on each side for 10 minutes)

  3. From the high temperature oil pan, cut the egg tofu into the pot, fry until golden golden scented on the surface, and pick up the oil to spare. (I am pan fried to golden on both sides)

  4. Put the pan, stir the almond slices into the pan, stir the ginger slices, chop the garlic, chop the chopped green onion, add the peanuts, dried chili and 1 tbsp of peppercorns to the dried chili. In the cooking machine, add soy sauce, 70ml water, sesame oil, sugar and mayonnaise to make a sauce.

  5. The grass shrimp is roasted to the surface with aroma, and the shell is left to spare. (I use the oven to heat it to 200 degrees until the shrimp is discolored.)

  6. The remaining peppercorns are powdered for use. Matsusaka pig cut long strips for use.

  7. The cabbage is drained and drained, topped with a half of the sauce, and half of the Matsusaka pork slices are added and mixed well (recommended with a disposable glove and thoroughly mixed by hand), and the bottom plate is placed, followed by the grilled shrimp and the remaining amount of Matsusaka pork. Crush the egg tofu to the surface by hand, sprinkle with a lot of parsley, green onion, pepper powder, topped with the remaining sauce.

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