Recipe: Matcha, yellow bean powder, hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha, yellow bean powder, hurricane


Hey! The combination of the favorite matcha and the fragrant soy flour, I didn’t expect them to be so! Satisfy the little greed, eat two flavors at a time~ In addition to the double-layer structure as shown in the figure, you can also use the stirring to form a marble pattern. (Note: 1. This party may not be suitable for novices to try. 2. Please read the tips before starting production, thank you ~) Fang Zi from Shiqiaoxiang's "Hurricane Cake & Cake Roll". Mold: 17cm hollow mold baking temperature: the lower middle layer of the oven (the penultimate layer) 180 ° C (355 ° F) time: 35 minutes



  1. Preparation: 1. Mix the sieving powder (low-gluten flour + matcha powder, low-gluten flour + soy flour). 2. Separate the egg yolk protein and place the protein in the refrigerator freezer. 3. Preheat the oven to 190°.

  2. Put the egg yolk and fine granulated sugar A into the cooking pot, and use the egg beater to make the whole color white and smooth and thick.

  3. Add oil and mix well. Add water and mix well.

  4. Divide 3 into two equals (my egg yolk looks smaller, one 65g, the original one 85g). Usually, the mixture of the matcha flour is sieved, and the other half is sieved into the flour mixture of the soy flour, and the mixture is uniformly stirred.

  5. Take the protein out of the refrigerator, add the electric sugar to the swell and add the granulated sugar to the 8 distribution. *

  6. Divide the meringue into two parts. Take 1/3 of the part 1 into the matcha batter, stir evenly with the egg beater, add 1/3, and mix evenly with a spatula; then pour the batter into the last 1/3 and mix with a spatula until no white Agglomeration. The same method was used to treat part 2 with soy flour batter.

  7. Pour the soy flour batter into the mold, roughly smooth the surface*, and then pour the matcha batter, just as smooth. (Note: If you want to make a marble version, pour the matcha batter into the soy flour batter, mix it with a spatula two or three times, and pour it into the mold.)

  8. On the table, shake the baking mold 2~3 and put it into the oven for 180°35 minutes. After taking it out, shake it twice again, and buckle for more than 2 hours (I usually reverse the night). Release the mold to eat ~


1. It is recommended to mix the powder evenly and sieve it twice. 2. Everyone has their own preferences about how to use the protein and how much it is sent. Most of the recipes are sugared three times and then dry. I personally don't do this because I like the moist but light texture. In order to ensure the protein's degree of hair and firmness, I usually hit a slight texture to add sugar at a time, and then hit between wet and dry. 3. This hurricane is super delicious when it is eaten naked. It is also ok~

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