Recipe: Matcha white chocolate mousse (Oreo biscuit bottom)

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha white chocolate mousse (Oreo biscuit bottom)


The amount of matcha, white chocolate and white sugar is only a reference, please increase or decrease according to your own taste. Too sweet, the taste of matcha is not obvious, the color is not good, and so on. It is not a recipe problem. The raw materials are different, and the personal taste buds are different. It is difficult for everyone to like it! Mold: I use the eight-inch non-stick live bottom mold, six inches can also be just the difference between high and low. The delivery can also be (not too small)



  1. Cut a piece of baking paper of the same size as the bottom of the mold, padding at the bottom, and it is convenient to take off the mold. Oreo biscuits remove the white sandwich, crushed with a rolling pin, melt the butter in the microwave, mix well, pour into the mold, compact, (I use the flat glass) freezer freezer

  2. Gelidine is softened by cold water in advance

  3. Milk and white chocolate are softened by heating in a microwave oven. Add softened gelatin and mix well. Let cool and spare.

  4. Light cream, white sugar, scented tea powder, just after seeing the texture appear, add milk gelatin liquid, continue to make a big hair to 60%, that is, there is obvious texture, but it disappears quickly, there is still a sense of flow. Pour into the bottom of the frozen biscuits, shake the mold to make the mousse paste flat, and also shake out the big bubbles. Refrigerate in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours, overnight is better. If you are in a hurry, freeze in the freezer for an hour.

  5. When you release the mold, use a hot towel to lick the outer ring. Or use a hair dryer to blow the outer ring. If you try a few times, you can push the bottom of the mold and slowly take it off. Don't blow it all the time, it will destroy the mousse paste.

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