Recipe: Matcha white chocolate

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha white chocolate


A big matcha fan like me is very fond of any matcha-flavored dessert. This matcha chocolate was seen in a cafe. I tried it. I really like it! ! The matcha taste is very rich, so I went home and tried to do it. It is a matcha chocolate with an outer layer of matcha powder. So the taste is a little bit of matcha bitter. Then it is very sweet and very rich. Matcha chocolate is also very simple. I hope everyone likes it. ╯ε╰



  1. In a clean small pot, pour in 45 ml (ml) of whipped cream and heat (not to boil) to turn off the heat when it is about to boil.

  2. Chocolate should be broken beforehand so that it is more conducive to melting. Pour in white chocolate and stir until fully integrated.

  3. Add a large spoonful of Matcha powder and mix well (if you want more rich, you can add a little more)

  4. Pour into the square mold, etc. It is a little cool, you can put it in the refrigerator for two hours, then take out the small pieces and apply a layer of matcha powder on the surface to finish the pull :-)


1. The bottom of the square mold can be easily removed with the bottom of the oil paper. You can also use the plastic wrap. I use a layer of mousse mold on a square layer of plastic wrap:-) 2. If you like hard body, you can only put 40ml. Light cream If you like a soft entrance, you can put a little more 50ml according to your personal preference :-)

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