Recipe: Marinated Houttuynia

Home Cooking Recipe: Marinated Houttuynia


Sichuan people are super-loving food, some people are not used to eating



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh hout

    Fresh hout


Because it is the first time the recipe is not very good, everyone forgives Ha, 1 first wash the houttuynia cut 3 cm long. 2 stove on the pot to boil water to open the fish to put in a little bit of cooking wine to go to the sputum, the fish stalks the pot about 10 seconds to pick up the cold water. 3 shallots, garlic, ginger millet peppers and shredded. 4 adjust the cold sauce, use a small bowl of salt, soy sauce, sugar, MSG, sesame oil, pepper powder, red oil (chili oil) ginger, garlic, put together and mix. 5 fish 腥 装 装 , , , , , 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 腥 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

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