Recipe: Marinated beef tendon

Home Cooking Recipe: Marinated beef tendon


Soft and smooth, not chewy, like to try it. Well counted, too early to cook, usually not to eat.



  1. The tendon is washed, the cold water is boiled in the pot, and it is slightly boiled and then fished out.

  2. Add ginger slices, octagonal amount, and cinnamon to the brine.

  3. After the fire is boiled, turn to the minimum fire, stew for about 3 and a half hours, and the chopsticks can be arbitrarily inserted into the beef tendon.

  4. After the fish is removed, the beef tendon can be eaten hot, or it can be eaten after being cooled.

  5. The brine is filtered to remove impurities and frozen in the refrigerator for repeated use.


1. The beef tendon is heavy and needs to be smashed. Therefore, add ginger slices to the outside of Li Jinji's brine sauce, and add cinnamon and anise. 2. After the beef tendon is refrigerated, the taste will become hard and firm, and the mouth is not good.

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