Recipe: Mangosteen Tremella Lean Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Mangosteen Tremella Lean Soup


When the husband alternates in the autumn and winter, he will cough, his own heat, lung heat and dry weather, so I almost always change the pattern of the white fungus soup, of course, the yam is not eaten! Luo Han Guo heats the lungs, coughs, pharynx, and bowel laxative. For lung fire cough, sore throat, constipation. Add the soup with the white fungus, the soup is very sweet and delicious, and also added pear, it is very sweet, no need to add it! There is also a new association of dried tangerine peel, which is the best, the family owns the sun, Xinhui tangerine peel is a world-famous good Dongdong, the medicinal value is very high, it also has phlegm and cough, qi and spleen, how can Guangdong soup It? ! ! !



  1. Tremella in advance, then tear into small flowers, drain water for use

  2. Sydney peeled and pitted, cut into pieces or pieces; Xinhui tangerine peel and mangosteen can be washed with water

  3. Cut the meat into large pieces, pour the blood in the pot, and put two pieces of ginger.

  4. Boil the appropriate amount of boiled water in the wok. After the water is opened, put all the prepared materials into the pot and simmer for about two hours in the soup mode.


When buying Luo Han Guo, you should choose a large round shape, yellow and brown color, no sound, no shell, no focus, sweet and not bitter.

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