Recipe: Mango, white snow, black glutinous rice, sweet

Home Cooking Recipe: Mango, white snow, black glutinous rice, sweet



  1. Black glutinous rice is soaked in cold water 1 hour in advance, and the bowl is filled with water until about 5cm of rice is not added. Add corn kernels, sugar, and steam in a steamer for about 45 minutes until cooked. Take it out and let it cool, then divide it into a ball and put it in a bowl.

  2. Ice cream, iced milk, whipped cream, beaten with an egg beater, and after foaming, gently pour into the bowl of black glutinous rice balls and spread the foam on the surface.

  3. Cut the mango into two pieces, cut the net-like lines on one piece, pay attention to the skin, and then gently lick it to make a pineapple pattern. Put this mango in a bowl


1. Stick your hands to cold water in advance, and you won't stick your hands when you gluten the rice balls. 2, the excess mango is cut into granules, sprinkled in a bowl to eat better and not wasted. 3, foam milk can be according to their own taste, when whipping, add sugar to taste.

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