Recipe: Mango milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Mango milk


There is no technical content... I am more unconcerned = = This is also a recipe to build. I often do it for me at home. I miss it very much at school.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the mango meat into the juicer

    Cut the mango meat into the juicer

  2. Pour milk

  3. Just drink juice and drink, no sugar!

  4. Add one person (one cup): three small Taiwanese on the picture plus half a cup of milk without sugar


1. Don't put sugar, the mango itself has a sweet taste. 2. Whether the mango is delicious or not determines whether the mango milk is good or not... 3. Milk with pure sweet milk 4. Ice is better to drink! ! New practice: A box of milk is put into the frozen next day and the mango is made into a smoothie. It is suitable for summer.

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