Recipe: Mango duo

Home Cooking Recipe: Mango duo


There is a dessert shop called Nanxun in Zhuhai. The most famous is this mango duo, which is full every time! After eating so many times, try to do it yourself, the taste is actually the same! And recently, the mangoes in the fruit shop have started to grow, and the sweet mango is so delicious~(≧∇≦)



  1. Cut the mango meat into cubes, leave half a mango and add a little water and sugar to make mango juice. (I cut the whole mango meat and cut the mango into the juice)

  2. Soak the red beans in advance, add a little water to cook, be careful not to boil the red bean paste that is not visible. ^_^ Then pick up the beans and add sugar and mix well. Put a little red bean on the bottom of a beautiful bowl.

  3. Spread 1 sliced ​​mango meat on red beans, leave a little bit in the middle, and dig a spoonful of mango-flavored ice-cream. (Mango ice-cream is very important, add it!) Then pour the mango juice on the bowl, and finally pour it. Point three flowers and milk! Ok, open to eat~


In addition to making red beans, this mango duo can be replaced with sago, jelly or turtle paste, which is just as delicious! Fruit can also be replaced with papaya, cantaloupe and other fruits, remember to match the same flavor of ice cream balls, or a wild vanilla flavored ice cream 噢~

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