Recipe: Manchu Dessert Red Bean Paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Manchu Dessert Red Bean Paste


I like to remember, I love the red bean paste of my home. When I am tired, I drink a bowl of hot red bean paste and feel a lot easier. After several failures, I finally developed a practice and shared it with people who love to drink syrup :)



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Red beans are soaked in water for 2-3 hours.

    Red beans are soaked in water for 2-3 hours.

  2. Put red beans and water in the pressure cooker, choose the bean function, stew!

  3. Soak the lotus seeds and the lily while stewing. After about half an hour, the red bean soup is almost stewed.

  4. Pour the red bean soup into the cooking machine and paste it into a pressure cooker, then pour it back into the pressure cooker. Add lotus seeds, lily, dried tangerine peel, add a few pieces of rock sugar, adjust the porridge mode to the porridge mode, and continue to cook.

  5. When Dangdang ~ fragrant red bean paste out of the pot!


I like to eat grainy, so red beans are not too bad, and friends who like smooth taste can play for a while. Be sure to add dried tangerine peel! ! Don't ask why! plus! !

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