Recipe: Macaron - Flour Edition

Home Cooking Recipe: Macaron - Flour Edition


look here! ! ! ! Don't ask me if I don't have a silicone spot! ! ! ! ! ! ! Also don't ask me why I am always hollow, I don't know how you know what you did when you did it. It's hollow, and you can take a look at the hollow reason! ! ! ! ! ! After all, it is the pro-family who pursues the taste. Please don't try it. Let's do the almond powder version. == Then what's wrong with the process? Please look at the previous question or message and repeat the same question. Would it be very irritating? Don't ask me some strange questions. I really can't answer every time I see that I am speechless. QAQ Fangzi is online, the flour version is more than the taste of almond powder. More delicate, it is also very suitable for novices to do (*^__^*) Everyone is going to do it~(≧▽≦)/~啦啦啦 I think it’s better to use this recipe to practice hands and cultivate with the oven. o( ̄ヘ ̄o* )[Bumping!] Poor silk said that I can't afford almond powder (┬_┬)




If you have any questions, please read this blog post. I think it is quite detailed (more than I said ヾ(≧へ≦)〃[嗯!])~ s/blog_68dc5a490101jzl9.html If you can't find a solution here, you can leave a message for me, although my production of the pony is not a brick house (⊙_⊙) PS: The reply time may not be immediately. After all, the time to go to the kitchen every day is just a little while, but as soon as I see it, I will reply 哒~

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