Recipe: Lychee mousse cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Lychee mousse cake


When I first saw this cake, I was immediately greeted with a fresh cake. Ocean wind, I like it. Thank you very much for ordering the cake mm, let me try this ocean style cake.



  1. Peel the lychee to the nucleus, 2 kg of lychee probably got 1 kg of lychee meat

  2. Using a blender to beat the lychee meat

  3. Take a part of the puree, add the soft gelatin tablets, and dissolve by heating. Then pour it back into the mixer and mix well.

  4. Spread the whipped cream to six and mix well with the lychee puree. In the jelly section, I bought this rose-flavored chicken tail from Ito. 100ml wine + 50ml water + 30g sugar + 1 piece of jelly made of gelatin. After freezing, smash it with a spoon and put it on the surface of the cake. Finally, add white chocolate of various shapes.

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