Recipe: Luzhou-flavored tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Luzhou-flavored tomato sauce



  1. Draw a tomato head with a knife and a shallow cross, then put it in boiling water for half a minute to remove the skin.

  2. Cut the tomato and bacon into small pieces, cut the onion garlic into the end, and sauté the leaves with hot water.

  3. Heat the pot and pour a little olive oil (like the aroma that can be used with butter), pour the onion and garlic and fragrant leaves to stir the scent.

  4. Pour in bacon and stir fry until it is oily.

  5. Pour in tomato and ketchup for 2 minutes, add spices and black pepper, then simmer for 20 minutes.

  6. After seasoning with salt and sugar, turn off the heat, put it in a clean and waterless bottle, cover it, cool it, store it in cold storage, and store it for about 15 days.

  7. When cutting the raw material, try to break it. If you cut the raw material as big as I do, it is best to turn it into a blender and whipped after the fire is closed. Note that it is only a slight whipping.

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