Recipe: Luzhou Curry Fish Ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Luzhou Curry Fish Ball


The menu for the banquet also needs to be brainstormed. In addition to taking care of the tastes of friends, and matching the dishes according to the number of people eating, it is also important to consider the time of making each dish. The cooking time of each dish should not be too long. If it takes half an hour from the first dish to the last soup, the friend needs to wait and say, the first few dishes are also made. Cooling affects the taste. Therefore, when I am making a banquet dish, I will choose to stir-fry, or I can make it in advance. When I eat it, I will heat the dishes that do not affect the taste. In this case, two or three minutes of a dish on the table, not a while, the table is a hot dish. Today this road can be made in advance :)



  1. Carrot and potato peeled chopping block

  2. Take a skillet, pour a little oil at the bottom of the pot, add the carrot pieces after the oil is slightly hot, stir fry the red oil, add the potato pieces, continue to stir fry

  3. Add water, the water has not passed all the materials, then add 5-6 pieces of scent; after the fire is boiled, turn to low heat and continue to cook until the potatoes become soft, it takes about ten minutes

  4. Remove the fragrant leaves, put the curry pieces, keep the fire, do not stop the shovel stirring until all the curry pieces melt, and the soup becomes thick

  5. Also take a small pot and add water, put the fish balls in the heat, cook until the fish balls are all floated, and the volume is expanded to twice the size; then put in the cooked curry brine, add as much as possible

  6. Stir the curry marinade and fish balls evenly, turn off the heat after boiling, in order to make the fish balls taste better, you can do it half a day in advance, and heat it again when you eat.


1, can use fish balls, fish tofu and other materials, the taste is very good. I like the big heart-shaped fish balls, and the squid pill I used today, I can eat squid meat, it is very bullety! 2, the curry block can be put one or two more than usual, so the taste is more thick, the soup is thicker, the banquet's food should be more than enough. 3, it is best to do two or three hours in advance, let stand to make the fish balls into the taste, pour a little water when heated again, it will not affect the taste, but the fish balls will be better. 4, curry halogen if you do more, you can also mix rice, glutinous cake, very good!

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