Recipe: Luoshen Flower Sauce (Dried Flower Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Luoshen Flower Sauce (Dried Flower Edition)



  1. After ten minutes of soaking in the flower, the Luoshen flower is taken out and broken with a cooking machine without special crushing.

  2. Boil the sugar and water together, then add the radish and simmer for 40 minutes and then let the fire stand. After standing for 20 minutes, cook over low heat until the viscous heat is turned off. Pour the sauce into the sterilized bottle, leave a gap of about 1 cm, and cover the inverted buckle for 30 minutes. After drying, put it in the refrigerator and store it in cold storage.

  3. Ps: Disinfect the bottle with the sauce in advance (pour the bottle and lid together with boiled water for fifteen minutes, boil and bake it back), and cook while stirring.


When the jam bottle is inverted, the excess air can be squeezed out to make the jam bottle have a vacuum effect, and the hot lid of the jam is used to sterilize the bottle cap.

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