Recipe: Luo Hanzhai

Home Cooking Recipe: Luo Hanzhai


Luo Hanzhai, taking the meaning of eighteen Luohan auspicious, refined with 18 kinds of vegetarian dishes. Although the ingredients in this dish are not expensive, but it is quite troublesome to get together the three mushrooms and three ears; the cooking process in the authentic way is quite complicated, so it is also said that this dish is the most luxurious one of Buddhism. Su Zhai.



  1. All kinds of dry goods are soaked in soft water

  2. The roast cooks in boiling water for 2 minutes, squeezes out the water; puts the cooking oil in the pot to heat it, and fry the roast until the golden yellow is ready for use.

  3. Put the hot water in the pot and boil, carrots, ginkgo, asparagus and other fresh vegetables are cooked separately.

  4. Put the cooking oil in the pot, heat the tofu, mushrooms, monkey mushrooms, pine mushrooms, fungus, yuba, roast, corn shoots

  5. Under the old pumping, sugar, salt, a small amount of water, boil for about 5 minutes

  6. After the water starch is thickened, mix a little sesame oil and mix well.

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