Recipe: Luncheon meat mushroom toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Luncheon meat mushroom toast


I recently got the luncheon meat and prunes from the Sina Food Trial Team. Since the popular prune in my home, I began to ponder the new tricks of luncheon meat. The meat of the lunch is full of scented teeth. The most interesting thing is that it is divided into a variety of different flavors. It can be used as a quick-fashioned dish. This is the place that attracts me the most. Today, I chose black pepper flavor to make luncheon meat toast, black pepper and mushroom are very good, so no need to add extra seasoning is delicious enough, plus a strong cheese flavor, it is really a man's breakfast. The female man is also applicable! Extended article [Men's breakfast] If you sort by gender, this world will probably show two temperament, feminine and masculine. Feminine things like perfume, pearls, lace, bows and long gloves. Men's tastes are mostly leather, tobacco, denim, shaving water and Martin boots. In the category of food, I think peaches, strawberries, candied fruit, jams and the like are more women, while pineapples, durians, peppers, bean curd and the like are more men. Chicken is a woman, beef is a man, onions are women, and ginger is a man. Milk is a woman, and wine is a man. Today's theme is luncheon meat, no doubt he is a male pig's foot. Most of the men who grew up in the ordinary family background seemed to have a special liking for luncheon meat from old to young. They often hang around in the shelves of supermarket canned meat products, not boys or uncles. When I took a bag of luncheon meat home and sneaked into the cabinet the next day, one of the boxes evaporated inexplicably. After several rounds of questioning, my husband finally surrendered and plausibly said: This thing can stay overnight. ! It is a strange phenomenon. Why does this starch-flavored flavored canned meat product have such a great charm in the male world? Baidu knows the history of luncheon meat. "In 1937, American Jay Hormel invented a food called Spam, meaning Spices (Spices) and canned food made of Ham. "In the US military's World War II military rations, the more legendary is the so-called "spiritual meat" - Spam lunch meat (SPAM). This is made by Hormel Fc of Austin, Minnesota. Canned pre-cooked meat products. It is probably the most famous ration during the entire war.” The original lunch meat is simply a keyword in the male world, and it is listed with soldiers, wars, weapons and all the squalor stories. In people's memories, it is difficult to think about being heroic. Wildness and warfare are men's nature. Just as many boys love to wear military uniforms with epaulettes, large pockets and brass buttons, luncheon meat is also more popular with men. Is every time you eat a box of luncheon meat, and the military dream hidden in the hearts of all boys will be closer? Helpless Most of them change from boys to old men. They can only find the thrill of conquest from war films, weapons magazines, military models, and luncheon meat. The luncheon meat, which is squarely packed in a tin box, is synonymous with high-end foreign gas in the past. It is a food of foreign pies and a spoils with glory. Even today, when food is extremely rich, the status of luncheon meat is still unmovable. In the Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, it is the standard egg noodle. In the hot pot restaurant, it is the favorite partner of the red oil hot pot. Luncheon meat is also indispensable in the "team hot pot" that the Hanguo people are proud of. Some people even sighed on Weibo: "Uh huh! This morning's luncheon meat actually fried the taste of foie gras!" The food that was once enjoyed by European high society lunches, although it has become the most powerful silky food, still Because it is a bold and straightforward person, it is very popular and is the most convenient and quick to open ready-to-eat cooked meat products. And as a woman, I am also a cluster of luncheon meat. Love it with starch to reduce the impulse of pure meat products, the taste is more amiable. Privately thought that protein is only delicious when it is mixed with starch. Of course, the negative words of nitrite and heavy processed food cannot be denied, but the more delicious the food, the more sinful, the more sinful it becomes. Life can't hold a plate of organic cabbage with wormholes for a fresh look. Occasionally, there is a temperate taste, even a bad taste, which is the most mottled real life.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Sliced ​​mushrooms, colored peppers, cut pieces of luncheon meat, cut into pieces of cheese

    Sliced ​​mushrooms, colored peppers, cut pieces of luncheon meat, cut into pieces of cheese

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Use a food brush to evenly brush the tomato sauce on the toast

    Use a food brush to evenly brush the tomato sauce on the toast

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Spread the cheese strips

    Spread the cheese strips

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Sprinkle all the remaining ingredients on the toast

    Sprinkle all the remaining ingredients on the toast

  5. Home Cooking Recipe: Sprinkle a layer of cheese powder

    Sprinkle a layer of cheese powder

  6. Home Cooking Recipe: Preheat the oven and bake it at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

    Preheat the oven and bake it at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

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