Recipe: Lu Cai 10 () sweet and sour squid ""

Home Cooking Recipe: Lu Cai 10 () sweet and sour squid


Sweet and sour squid is one of the classic Han nationality dishes in Shandong Province and belongs to Lu cuisine. It is said that "sweet and sour squid" began in the town of Qikou, the important town of the Yellow River. The sweet and sour squid is golden in color, tender in the outside, sweet and sour. The Jinan River is adjacent to the Yellow River. The Yellow River squid is not only fat and delicious, but also has a golden scale and a beautiful shape. It is a banquet. The meat of the Yellow River squid is pure, fresh and tender. The book "Jinan Fuzhi" has a record of "the Yellow River, the Nanyang Crab, and the Recipe".



  1. 1. The squid goes to the scales and viscera. After cleaning up, remove the ribs on both sides, and then use a knife to tilt the angle of 45 degrees to evenly rip the peony knife. Lift the fishtail pieces to unfold. Marinate the salt, cooking wine and pepper in the fish for 10 minutes.

  2. Lift the fishtail and evenly slap a layer of starch on the fish fillet and shake off the excess flour. Add 2 tablespoons of flour, 1 spoonful of starch, 1 egg, 1 bowl of water, mix the paste into the fish tail, and hang the fish over the paste.

  3. Put enough oil in the pot. When the heat is 70%, bend the fish into a curved shape and fry it. When frying, you can use two spatula to hold the squid to shape and fry the sides to a slight yellow. When the fish is cooked thoroughly, you can fish out the fish and let it cool for a while, or cool it and then fry it again for the second time. Use a small fire to prevent the scorching of the outer skin. 1. Boil until the fish is deep yellow and you can fish in the fish dish with the tail facing up.

  4. Put another pot, put a little oil, a small fire, add the garlic and saute when the oil is warm, don't smash the garlic as much as the fire. When smelling the garlic, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, rice vinegar 2 Spoon, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, 1 tsp of soy sauce, half a bowl of water boiled and poured into water starch. When the juice is bright and foaming, the sweet and sour sauce is poured on the fish and served on the table.


On both sides of the squid, there is a white rib on the sides of the squid, which can be removed from the sweet and sour vinegar. In the squid, cut a small mouth, the white ribs are revealed, and the scorpion is clamped. If you use force, you can take it out; 2. There are many cooking methods for squid, mainly braised, dry-burned, sweet and sour; 3. Use less salt when using milk; do not put MSG when cooking fish and shrimp, because they It has a very good umami taste in itself; 4. When you fry, carry the fish tail, and fry the fish with hot oil, and then all the oil is infiltrated after setting; 5. Skillfully go to the fish smell: 1. Go the fish After washing the scales and laparotomy, pour some yellow wine into the pots to remove the astringency of the fish and make the fish taste delicious. 2, fresh fish cut open to wash, soak in milk for a while can not only remove mites, but also add umami. 3. After eating the fish, when you have the taste in the mouth, chew on three or five pieces of tea, and immediately breathe fresh.

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