Recipe: Love in a porridge and rice room (chicken porridge version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Love in a porridge and rice room (chicken porridge version)


Friends and friends, have you ever had similar troubles: When you encounter ingredients that your family doesn't like, you always rack your brains and do all kinds of trials. You only hope that your loved ones will eat healthier and have more comprehensive nutrition intake. ! My family is not a good boy who is not picky eaters, but I don't like the taste of carrots. So I made carrots into cakes, knead them into meatballs, and put them in the porridge that I like to drink. Oh, I am enjoying it. I will throw bricks first, and my friends will take over!



  1. Rice is cleaned into the pot, and ginger is added. (Friends who like ginger can cut it and put it in. Don’t like this porridge to cook the ginger and ginger slices and remove it.) Add enough boiled water to turn the small fire.

  2. After the shiitake mushroom is shredded, it is cut into silk and put into the micro-boiled rice porridge. If there are corn and pea grains, it can be put together at this time. I also put some lotus roots on it today. ).

  3. The chicken chop meat is cooked and drained to drain the water, and the texture is torn to the filament; at this time, the tofu skin can be put into the boiling water of the boiled chicken breast, and the bean flavor is removed, and the water is drained and shredded.

  4. The carrots are shredded and ready for use. This step can be operated simultaneously while cooking the chicken.

  5. Start a wok, add cooking oil, wait until the oil is hot, add carrot and stir fry.

  6. When preparing other ingredients, remember to stir the porridge pot anti-stick pan from time to time. When the porridge is boiled into large flowers, add the chicken, carrot and tofu, stew for two or three minutes, then add salt, allspice, white pepper to taste, and finally a few drops of sesame oil.


The side dishes are liked by friends and friends. I used to put a few more. Today, after adding chicken and other ingredients, I also cut a small rapeseed, in order to let the meal more nutritious.

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