Recipe: Lotus seed ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Lotus seed ribs soup


My mother brought a lot of lotus seeds from a lot of townships. Each of them is full and full of sweetness. Every bite has the taste of hometown. It is convenient for quick soup and nutritious, so that the mood of homesickness is soared by this hot soup. Warm smoke will be ironed.



  1. The lotus seeds are soaked in the night, and the water that has been soaked is not used.

  2. Wash the ribs, enter the cold water pot, add ginger slices and boil

  3. Remove the cold water from the ribs that have passed through the water and rinse the blood

  4. Ribs and lotus seeds into the electric cooker, add the right amount of water, stew

  5. When the time is good, you can enjoy the delicious taste by adding the right amount of salt!

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