Recipe: Loquat Symbol Tremella Soup (Small Pear Soup)

Home Cooking Recipe: Loquat Symbol Tremella Soup (Small Pear Soup)



  1. Take a large silver ear and put it in warm water for 2 hours;

  2. The snow pear is washed with salt and rinsed with water. After peeling, cut into small pieces and keep the pear skin; peel the skin, cut off the seeds after cutting, remove the white film adhered to the seed, and then cut into pieces;

  3. After soaking the white fungus, tear it into small pieces, put it into a purple casserole, add water to cover the white fungus; if you want to drink more gelatin, it is best to use a casserole to slowly lick;

  4. After cooking the white fungus for an hour, add Sydney, pear skin, glutinous rice, rock sugar and some glutinous rice. (I don't want to put too much sugar to avoid too sweet. If it is not enough, I can add 10 more, not too sweet); continue to cook 2 Hours, if you want to drink more thicker, you can continue to lick for 1 to 2 hours.


The purple casserole is heated slowly in the early stage, so the water can be added at the beginning; the longer the cooking time, the worse the white fungus, the gum will come out, and it will be thicker.

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