Recipe: Loquat (leftover version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Loquat (leftover version)


Yesterday I bought a duck-boiled duck wing and other lo mei, just bought one get one free, bought two boxes, took home four boxes, and did not finish eating the snacks, so today I cook the tea eggs and braised pork cooked the day before. A new lo mei, the taste of the lo mei taste, watching TV will eliminate the light.



  1. The lo mei taste bought yesterday was a bit too hot, so first burn the pot of water, and pass the duck-winged duck licking the duck neck over the water to boil off the spicy taste.

  2. The water is poured, and the egg and braised pork, as well as the stew of braised pork, are placed.

  3. Simmer on the small fire, taste the taste, and then continue to add seasonings to adjust to the satisfaction of the fire. Soak the duck wings with the soup, cool and serve.


I prefer sweet and spicy, so I put the soup with braised pork, and the original spicy, the taste is softer. If you like spicy food, you can continue to simmer with spicy sauce. The longer the soup is dipped, the more it tastes, but because it is left The dish itself is very strong, so you can eat it when you dipped it in the cold!

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