Recipe: Loquat (Dragonfly Duck-winged Hot Dog)

Home Cooking Recipe: Loquat (Dragonfly Duck-winged Hot Dog)


I especially like to eat lo mei, but Zhou Hei duck and the taste of casually buy it is very expensive, so I started to study, and finally made the sweet and spicy taste like Zhou Hei.



  1. The first step is to clean the duck-legged medium-winged hot dog.

  2. The duck plaque is cut across the three knives and cut into three knives. The hot dog cuts the flower pot and puts the water in the pot and then puts the duck hoe and the middle wing (remember, the hot dog does not drown). Put the ginger and the wine and cook for five minutes.

  3. In another pot, put the sugar or rock sugar into the pot, use a small fire, melt the sugar, have a sugar color, and then add ingredients such as duck breast, duck wings and pepper.

  4. Add water, no ducks, then use a big fire, add salt, pepper, wine, and chicken oil. Cook for 10 minutes and turn to medium heat. After 20 minutes, collect the juice from the fire and finish it! ! (If you like to eat bad, you can cook for a while, put more water)


Fried sugar color is very important, can not be scrambled will affect the taste

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