Recipe: Loofah oyster sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Loofah oyster sauce


Light fast food. The soup water from the loofah is absorbed by the oil tofu and is delicious. I found that my previous recipe translated the canola oil wrong. The correct Chinese name should be canola oil instead of rapeseed oil.



  1. Loofah cut the hob block, cut the oil tofu diagonally (this is better).

  2. Heat the oil under the hot pot and sauté the mustard, then stir the loofah and sprinkle with a little salt to let the loofah out of the water.

  3. Look at the situation to add some high soup or water, add sugar to taste, boil, pour in oil tofu and cook. You can eat it by panning.


- I usually fry a lot of water, so I don't add soup or water. However, if the loofah has less water when it is fried, add some, so that the oil tofu absorbs the juice and is better. - The mustard itself is salty, and the added salt is reduced.

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